Post to Instagram

Before posting, you must first save the video file to a smartphone or tablet


1. Tap the post button (bottom center of the app)

2. Select your saved video file from the Library tab. Important: If you have a widescreen video, press "< >" to display the full video. Then tap next.

FullSizeRender copy.jpg

Widescreen button


3.   Tap “Cover”, then drag the slider over the video until you find a proper thumbnail image. Then tap “Next”

4.  Write your caption. We recommend utilizing real estate hashtags and adding a location (whether it be the building or neighborhood). Don’t forget to @7trainmedianyc



  • Don’t add filters.
  • Don’t trim the video.
  • Don’t post widescreen videos as square instagram posts. 
  • Don’t post full videos that weren’t intended for Instagram (it must be under 60 seconds).
  • Don't use the share option for Facebook/Twitter. Instead, post the video directly to those platforms for best results.