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IGTV for Real Estate Professionals: Worth the Fuss?

Earlier this summer, Instagram announced it was ready to go head-to-head with YouTube in the longform video ring with the launch of IGTV – the social platform’s latest ‘sub-app’ that allows users to upload videos up to one hour in length. No stranger to the world of video after successfully launching its ‘Stories’ feature in 2016, Instagram’s new standalone video app, tailored specifically for long-form content, speaks to how quickly the mobile video space is growing. With more people moving away from their TV sets and toward their mobile devices, it’s by no surprise that key players in the social media arena are looking to supply users with a one-stop shop for all things digital video.

While Instagram’s short-form “Stories” feature was really the first to put the social platform on the digital video map, IGTV offers users a different kind of video experience entirely. Much like YouTube, IGTV content can be displayed full-screen and mimics the kind of content that would typically be seen on traditional TV. It not only allows users to delve deeper into some of the content they already share on Instagram, it also establishes a new channel entirely for brands, businesses and professionals to seamlessly share their video content with the world.

With that said, IGTV has gotten off to a slow, albeit steady, start. Instagram was quick to announce its 100 million users just a few short months after successfully launching the “Stories” feature, yet things have remained seemingly quiet about the kind of traction its new longform app has gained since launching this past June. Still, many would argue IGTV has more of an uphill climb than its “Stories” counterpart, having to not only go up against YouTube’s decade-long reign as the king of long-form video, but also somehow selling users on its vertical-only format.

So, is it worth jumping on the IGTV train? For businesses, professionals and brands, the answer is resounding yes. Despite the new sub-app’s measured start, Instagram is still undoubtedly one of the biggest and most widely used social platforms there is, particularly among younger demographics. This new addition of IGTV means providing businesses with yet another channel through which they can access Instagram’s surplus of users, followers and built-in consumer base. That can’t be bad for business, right?

For those who already rely on the platform to showcase their business ventures visually, like real estate agents and brokers, Instagram’s introduction of IGTV means taking visual-first business to the next level. Now real estate agents can provide potential new clients with not only beautifully staged photos of a listing, but a walking tour of the space, luxury property videos showcasing the neighborhood and surrounding areas, staged home tour uploads, personal introduction videos and much more.

If the key to great real estate is great exposure, then where’s the harm in adding another video platform to the mix? What’s more, with so many people relying on visual assets and video to start the homebuying process before even considering seeing a place in person, having everything in one place means a more seamless experience not only for users, buyers and renters, but for agents, sellers and brokers, as well.