Choosing the Right Music

They say music is worth a thousand words. But, all too often, the role music plays in telling your story is often underestimated. Music shouldn’t be an afterthought when it comes to video production. The right music choice can bring your story to life and evoke the right emotions from your audience.

When crafting your story, music should be on your mind right from the start. For example, if you’re creating a product demo or investment video, you’re going to want to evoke excitement. The last thing you want to do is ruin your well-crafted story by laying in a dark, slow track.  You want to select something light, upbeat and happy to leave your audience feeling positive about what they’ve just watched.

More consumers are engaging with brands through emotion than in past decades. Music and emotion go hand-in-hand when it comes to how we, as humans, connect. Giving your brand the right audio tone is just as important as making sure you’re logo and brand aesthetic is memorable.

Don’t let your content marketing go down the wrong path by ignoring your choice of music until the end of the process!

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