Telling a Silent Story – How to Optimize for Facebook Video

Scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and notice how many videos you pass by. Facebook video has become a staple of the social media giant. Individuals and brands alike are using Facebook video to share their story. If you’re using video as part of your brand marketing there’s one key factor you can’t forget, getting your message across in silence.

Over 80% of Facebook video is viewed without sound. Up until this past February, Facebook’s auto-play feature left the sound off as a user scrolled by a video. Because there was an extra step of turning the sound on, users were simply watching in silence. Facebook has recently changed this feature to play sound, so long as your devices volume is turned on. Even with this update, ensuring that your video is just as engaging in silence as it is with sound is vital.

So, how do you capture attention in silence? Here are a few tips.

Plan Ahead!

Regardless of the audio, planning your story ahead of shooting is key in creating a great video. When mapping out your script, pin point your key messages and think about how these can be visualized. Pretend you won’t be using dialogue for a moment (and maybe you’re not!). What would you or your actors do to show the right expression or emotion without dialogue to back it up? Make these notes part of your script.

Use Graphics or Powerful Imagery

If appropriate, graphics can be a great way to help push your key messages through without having to hear the audio behind it. Strong shots and powerful imagery can also evoke the emotion you want, without being able to hear the music you chose or the voiceover you may have.

Add Captions

Make it simple for your viewers and simply add captions to your video. Facebook claims that videos with captions are viewed 12% longer than videos without. Make sure your captions are non-intrusive and simple to absorb. If you’re creating a video ad, Facebook’s Ads Manager offers a feature to automatically create captions or load them in manually. Take advantage of this, any little bit helps to keep someone’s eyes on your video and scrolling on to the next.

Don’t Ignore the Audio

Don’t forget that while most people start videos without sound, there are still those that turn the volume up. Make sure that you’re still taking the time to choose the right music and that your spoken dialogue is engaging.

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